Will Mortgage Repayment Holiday End Lead To Mass Home Repossessions?

Will Mortgage Repayment Holiday End Lead To Mass Home Repossessions?

The Financial Conduct Authority, has announced that mortgage lenders can enforce repossessions of homes from borrowers unable to make repayments.

As many as 100,000 were on mortgage repayment holidays during the Covid lockdowns, but this came to an end this month. Even more borrowers have not been able to make repayments on loans and credit cards.

The term “repayment holiday” implies that borrowers are being let off, but arrears are added to the loan resulting in higher payments for borrowers already struggling.

Lenders must follow guidance on when to repossess and only use court action as a last resort.

The courts already have a backlog of all types of cases and bailiffs cannot be instructed by the courts until the end of May at the earliest in England and end of June in Wales, which means landlords may will not be able to gain possession of a property for several months.

Those unable to make repayments can no longer apply for a deferral on mortgage, loan or credit card repayments, however. lenders can consider individual cases of hardship based on their specific financial circumstances.

Will this lead to mass repossessions?

Probably not mass repossessions, but definitely an increase and more motivated and distressed sellers.

Unlike previous recessions, interest rates are at an all-time low – but watch out for those big step-up in payments after an initial fixed rate or discount, as well as HUGE FEES being added to the loan and increasing your debt.

In better news for home buyers, lenders can now accept applications for a new Help to Buy scheme in England. This is a less generous version than the previous scheme and is restricted to first-time buyers.

The Chancellor’s new 95% ‘mortgage guarantee scheme’ announced in the budget is due to be rolled out next year.

With stamp duty holiday ending in August and more people coming off the job retention scheme, the long property boom could be coming to an end. The question is whether or not governments can print their way out of the recession, with massive Trillion Dollar financial stimulus packages to prop up weak western economies, and avoid a looming worldwide depression.

Is it Possible To Start A Money Making Business From Home Without Capital Or Risk?

With pubs and restaurants closed for months during the lockdown in the UK and Ireland, it’s a reminder of how vulnerable physical businesses, like pubs, restaurants and shops are to economic downturns or market changes.

At the same time, internet business owners are getting richer. Never in history has more goods been bought on the internet.

Even before the pandemic, the high street was already under pressure from online shopping, which has exploded in the last few years.

High rents, taxes and competition from the likes of Amazon and Shopify have driven large retailers, like Debenhams, out of business and forced John Lewis to start closing 70% of its 50 plus stores in the UK.

How does this help you get started online?

The internet has given small home-based businesses an opportunity to compete with the big companies which have dominated the market. They took the best sites in the high street and malls, and often drove small retailers to the wall with massive advertising and undercutting. Fortunately, this has now changed and that’s how you can benefit from the online bonanza.

You can now set up a risk-free online business or store – from home in your spare time – and sell to a potential market of 5 billion people browsing the internet every day looking for solutions to their problems.

You no longer need to rent a shop or premises and pay high taxes and bills before you make a penny. And you don’t have to quit your job until your business income exceeds your salary.

Here are 3 simple steps.

Step 1

Sell solutions to people’s problems

Research your idea or product online – where else! You can check on Google how many people are searching for products or solutions to their problems. For instance, millions of people want to be slimmer and healthier, especially in these times. According to wordstream 450,000 people have recently searched for “how to lose weight” on the internet. Other ‘keyword’ searches like “diet” and “lose weight fast” had similar results. That’s just one niche!

You can literally find out how many people are searching for keyword solutions by checking on Google and specialists like Wordstream and Mondovo absolutely free. Market research like this was previously only available to large companies with large budgets. Now you can access it for free.

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Step 2

Set up your online business today

Set up an online business selling products that people are looking for (not what you think the market needs), or sell to people online from your existing business, by setting your website online today. You don’t need to pay a designer or software engineer to set up a website, as there are readymade templates and off-the-shelf website pages to get your business started today. In the past, I have spent tens of thousands on websites because they had to be designed and built from scratch, which took months. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this pain.

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Step 3

Now decide what you are going to sell and how and GET STARTED!

Decide what niche you want to be in and what you want to sell. Unless you already have your own products and business (which you may want to change based on your new research on what people actually want) you can start by selling other people’s products and services for a generous commission of between 10 and 50%. This is essentially how some of the biggest companies in the world make billions in profits.

Booking.com and Airbnb do not own their own hotels and Amazon helps millions of small retailers and authors sell online for a commission.

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Here’s the best part. It’s risk free and no capital investment required! No re-mortgaging your house and borrowing thousands or risking everything to open up a physical business. And you can get started right away. What have you got to lose?

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