Who will be the winners or losers following the coronavirus crisis? Discuss

Who will be the winners or losers following the coronavirus crisis? Discuss


Who will be the winners or losers following the coronavirus crisis?

By Charles Kelly, Property Investor, Author of Yes, Money Can Buy You Happiness and creator of Money Tips Podcast.

In this Money Tips Podcast episode:

  1. Which businesses will the winners or losers following the coronavirus pandemic?
  2. For instance – FAANGS – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google (Alphabet)
  3. Small luxuries – Coke, drinks, cigarettes all prospered during the great depression
  4. Invest in companies, at right the price, with a strong moat, low debt, good management
  5. John Lewis, Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Richard Branson on support
  6. The American dream turns into a nightmare for millions homeless and unemployed
  7. Oil market in turmoil as prices reach 18 year low indicating economic growth
  8. Opportunities – stock market, options trading, business and buying cheap assets
  9. Learn insider secrets on buying and selling in auctions from leading experts
  10. See full interview with auction expert https://www.facebook.com/CharlesKellyUK
  11. 10 things you can do to thrive during Covid 19 isolation

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