What’s the point of Amazon Prime day?

What’s the point of Amazon Prime day?

Amazon is running and Amazon Prime day shortly and will be running special offers in order to get people to buy more stuff.


If you are shopper, then you might pick up a few bargains on the other hand you might spend money on things you don’t need!


If you are a marketer, I assume you have already prepared for this day.


What is the point of these days? It’s easy to be cynical about Black Friday,  January sales, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter and so on. The aim is obviously to create an event and encourage people to buy.


Do you have to wait for those specific days? No, you can have your own events!


Rob Moore of Progressive recently merged two divisions of his company into one. Rather than just let it pass as an accounting event, he had a progressive day in which he had special offers on his courses, one off special deals…you get the picture.


Despite the fact that we are all shopping more and more online these days, good shopping malls are still thriving. Why, because they are a destination, an event and a meeting place.


I was recently in The Mall of Asia in Manila, one of the largest shopping malls in Asia. The owner’s Son, Harley Si, once told me that it would take three days to visit every shop in this huge shopping city! They have free concerts, exhibitions and even fireworks and they’re always busy seven days a week.


That part of Manila Bay was once covered by water. People with great vision, such as the Si family reclaimed land and they have built five-star hotels and casinos in an area that was almost forgotten. The aim is to make Manila the Las Vegas of Asia. A destination!


We need to do more than just offer a product or service and hope that people will buy it. Barnum was a master at this, as you can see in the fantastic movie The Greatest Showman.


In modern times, Richard Branson has always done some incredible stunts, such as flying around the world in the balloon, to market his brand!


Even if you have invented some entirely new and innovative products, you still have to marketed and promoted to get it out there.


Think about your business or employer. What you can do to create an event or something special to encourage people to use your product or service?


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