Urgent Update on PM Speech Regarding the Repeal of Section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act

Urgent Update on PM Speech Regarding the Repeal of Section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act


Listen to what the current PM has to say about landlords and letting agents.

Respond to the consultation and lobby your MP if you feel the removal of section 21 would be a mistake.

You’ve heard a lot of negative news, so is this the end of property as we know it?

NO! Of course not.

Firstly, entrepreneurs are adaptable and it’s in their DNA to find solutions to problems.

Secondly, property investment is not just about buy-to-let and becoming a landlord. There are dozens of strategies from development and conversions to rent to rent and lease purchase options which require little or no deposit and no mortgages.

You can learn these strategies and more by attending short courses where you get to meet expert trainers and investors, as well as network with likeminded people. Who knows, you could meet your future business or JV partner at an event?

If you like further details a property courses, such as a one-day introduction to property investing, drop me a line to charles@charleskelly.net

I have a limited number of complimentary tickets to attend an excellent course run by experts, which will give you a clear overview into the market.

Here are some of the courses coming up in the next few months:


Multiple Streams ff Property Income (Three days of world-class training)


Beginner Property Secrets (Full days training)


Deal Packaging Discovery Day


Serviced Accommodation Discovery


No Money Down Discovery


For full details and a list of further courses click here to learn how to become a UK property investor or go to http://bit.ly/2ZVAVtvcourses.


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