Unemployment could reach 10% and recession last until 2024 – reporting from Camden Town, London

Unemployment could reach 10% and recession last until 2024 – reporting from Camden Town, London

Unemployment could reach 10% and recession last until 2024

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  1. Camden Town looking quiet, like the calm before the storm
  2. Unemployment could reach 10% and recession last until 2024
  3. NS&I pay 1% no minimum or early withdrawal penalties
  4. Help to Save best deal of all with 50% bonus if you qualify on low income
  5. Lifetime ISA 25% bonus, invest up to £4,000 for first-time-buyers aged 18-39
  6. Payday lenders or ‘instant short-term loan providers charge up to 91% APR
  7. High street banks are charging as much as 40% just for an overdraught facility
  8. Credit card companies still charging extortionate 16-20% despite low base rate
  9. New Home Insulation Grants – Work must be quality checked say consumer groups
  10. The UK housing market is rebounding fast after a tax cut by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak
  11. UK Property prices rise after stamp duty cut, despite rising unemployment
  12. British Chambers of Commerce said 28% of employers may cut jobs in next 3 months
  13. UK Mortgages becoming more difficult to obtain and more expensive
  14. New planning rules will open up more opportunities to make money in property
  15. Opportunity is everywhere for everyone, especially in property! But you have ACT!
  16. You don’t need your own money to create a second income in property
  17. Time to your economy or Uconomy started whatever the economy is doing!
  18. You can create a second income during the lockdown…and come out stronger
  19. Learn how to make money from property without deposits, mortgages or cash

Millions of people face a bleak future post-Coronavirus lockdown, as businesses disappear and the job furlough scheme eventually comes to an end. However, life doesn’t have to end because of lockdown! You can join thousands of ordinary people who have increased their income and added streams of new income during this period.

Are you ready to adapt to the new economic model?

As lockdown restrictions around the world are being eased, the economic model has subtly changed forever. How will you adapt to this new way of working and running a business, what obstacles and opportunities lies ahead? Will you be a participant or spectator in this revolution?

By Charles Kelly, Property Investor, Author of Yes, Money Can Buy You Happiness and creator of Money Tips Podcast.

There are more examples and practical steps to getting rich and being happy in my book, Yes, money can buy happiness, I cover the 3 R’s of Money Management, the Money B.E.L.I.E.F System and much more. Check it out on Amazon http://bit.ly/2MoneyBook.

If you’d like further information on how to survive the crisis and even quit the rat race, email me at Charles@CharlesKelly.net or send me a message through Facebook or my Money Tips Daily community. See more articles at www.moneytipsdaily.com

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