The Real Secret Of Building A Fortune and 5 Quickfire Money Tips

The Real Secret Of Building A Fortune and 5 Quickfire Money Tips


In this week’s episode, 5 Quick Money Saving Tips.


What’s the funniest money saving tip you’ve ever heard? One of the strangest tips I’ve heard was on a radio show, which had a daily “housewives tips” feature.


The Alan Partridge sounding DJ would say: “send in your money saving tip on a postcard and if it’s read out, you’ll get a free mug!”


One tip sent in by a listener recommended gathering up all of the small leftover bits of hand soap and then putting them into a saucepan. You would then boil the soaps or bits of soap meld them together to form new bars of soap!


Well if you’ve heard amusing tips one like that let me know, but not on a postcard.


In those days, before the Internet, a popular saving tip was to cut out coupons from magazines and newspapers and take them into the supermarket to get savings on certain items. It was always annoying standing behind people rummaging around in the purse for coupons! These coupons still exist only nowadays they can scan them straight into the tills.

One of my wealthiest clients used to collect coupons she was worth a fortune in properties, but still looks after the pennies, so the pounds looks after themselves.


Nowadays, you don’t even have to cut out paper coupons as there are there are many deals on the Internet and companies like Wowcher and groupon have made a fortune cashing in on the ground trend to get a deal or save money! It’s almost become a national obsession.


5 Quick Money Saving Tips in this episode.


You can only go so far by cutting costs and saving money.


Grant Cardone says:


“Foundation of building wealth Focus on income…”


In other words, if you want to build wealth you need to first focus on generating income and later on investing.


Money held on deposits won’t make you rich either. If the banks are paying you .25% in your money it will take 40 years to pay you 10% on your cash!


There are hundreds of practical ways to generate more income including:


Take a part time job

Part time business

MLM or direct sales

Online marketing

Online retailing such as amazon, Ebay, Groupon or shopify


Affiliate marketing

Blogging and writing


Film extra


Buy to let property

Property management


In the next episode, I’ll be going into some easy ways to make some offline income in your spare time.

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