Property prices at “top of the market” Robert Kiyosaki – UK Property Talk

Property prices at “top of the market” Robert Kiyosaki – UK Property Talk

Property prices at “top of the market” Robert Kiyosaki


Even the author of the great classic, Rich dad poor dad, says that the property market is all topped out and it would be a mistake to buy right now.


I was recently listening to a radio show produced by the Man who made multimillions from real estate and he said he cringes when he hears young people talk to him and say that they bought his book and I’m now building a portfolio. He urges caution and wonders why people are buying at the “top of the market”.


Robert also thinks that we are already in a recession and heading for a 1930s style depression.


I want to stress that this is one opinion.


This is an extremely pessimistic view but it could come to pass depending on what governments and central banks do.


The game of chess is not over yet and there are multiple combinations of moves to be played out.


US Federal reserve officials planning restrictive measures to curb inflation, including higher interest rates.


These measures could drive the country and the world into a recession.


ECB warns that a housing correction could put banks at risk of defaults and hit low-income families.


There is no doubt that printing money over the last 12 years has contributed to inflationary pressures and price rises that we have not seen for 40 years.


On top of all the problems we’ve had in the last two years there is now a war going on in Ukraine which is threatening to cause food and fuel shortages in the west.


My own view is that the West has miscalculated and made wrong moves on the chessboard leave and us exposed.


Russia is one of the few countries in the world that can be self-sufficient. Why, because it has its own supply of food production, manufacturing, oil and gas and other minerals.


The truth is the west needs Russian products more than Russia needs the West.


There is already evidenced food shortages in many parts of the world such as Sri Lanka and Singapore.


Major food suppliers such as India and Malaysia have banned the export of certain products to preserve supplies for its own people.


Of course, the Russian people will also suffer from the sanctions but their government is not a real democracy and they can sit it out longer than Western governments.


The drive to green energy has also left the west exposed now that we have sanctioned Russian oil and gas exports.


However, Saudi Arabia has agreed to step up production.


How will all this this affect property?


The truth is, nobody knows for sure. But if the west goes into recession caused by the war, higher interest rates and inflation, there is no doubt that people have less money to spend on properties which will force a correction and prices.


Higher interest rates alone will force up the price of mortgages.


Buying and selling at auction.


Buying and selling property through auctions is a totally different animal from the usual way most people buy and sell a house, which is through a High Street estate agency.


This could be a course in its own right as you need to understand the merciless rules of the game in auctions. Six key differences:


  • Commitment
  • When the hammer goes down
  • Fees are usually higher
  • Opportunities
  • Buyer beware
  • Do your homework BEFORE the auction


My own agency will be offering both additional buying and selling as well as the opportunity to sell or buy at an auction.


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