Property is still a safe long term bet despite the economic downturn

Property is still a safe long term bet despite the economic downturn

Why property is still the best long-term investment despite the economic crisis

Even though UK property sales hit a record low in April, property is and has always been a pretty good long-term investment in most areas of the country. How can you take advantage of the post-coronavirus property market?

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Millions of people face a bleak future post-Coronavirus lockdown, as businesses disappear and the job furlough scheme comes to an end. However, life doesn’t have to end because of lockdown! You can join thousands of ordinary people who have increased their income and added streams of new income during this period.

Are you ready to adapt to the new economic model?

As lockdown restrictions around the world are being eased, the economic model has subtly changed forever. How will you adapt to this new way of working and running a business, what obstacles and opportunities lies ahead? Will you be a participant or spectator in this revolution?

In this Money Tips Podcast episode:

  1. Property is still a safe long term bet despite the economic downturn
  2. UK property sales hit record low, but some sectors are moving again
  3. Online auction sales increase as London and foreign money head north
  4. Rightmove said 18 May saw highest level of rental demand in a single day
  5. Zoopla recorded an 88% increase in property searches as restriction eased
  6. The country is made up of a number of different regional property markets
  7. Actual sales of property remain sluggish and will take some time to recover
  8. 40% of home movers and sellers put property plans on hold, the FT reports
  9. Over 8 million people on job retention furlough which is wide open to abuse
  10. Will your job be one of millions phased out by automation, innovation and AI?
  11. Time to your economy or Uconomy moving whatever the country is doing!
  12. You can create a second income or get into property during the lockdown…

You can learn how to build a second income, acquire cash flow generating assets using leverage in order to quit the rat race and become financially free. This crisis has taught us that the only way to be truly financially free is to build your own source of passive and semi-passive income, rather than working on someone else’s passive income.

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By Charles Kelly, Property Investor, Author of Yes, Money Can Buy You Happiness and creator of Money Tips Podcast.

There are more examples and practical steps to getting rich and being happy in my book, Yes, money can buy happiness, I cover the 3 R’s of Money Management, the Money B.E.L.I.E.F System and much more. Check it out on Amazon


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