Money Tips 365 Day 1 – Live Within Your Means

Money Tips 365 Day 1 – Live Within Your Means

Money Tips 365 Day 1 – Live Within Your Means


Starting March 2024, each day I will be recording a short daily money tip – each day for 365 days.


You’ll be able to find these tips, wherever you listen to your podcast, as well as my YouTube channel Charles Kelly money tips podcast.


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Live within your means.


The fastest way to go broke is to spend money you don’t have, buying things you don’t need, to impress people you don’t like and who don’t give a damn about you!


Look, I get it! We live in a consumer led economy where big business and the government need us to spend money to grow the GDP. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend money you don’t have.


When singer Rihanna almost went bankrupt, after earning millions and then spending it, she sued her financial advisor who responded:


“Was it really necessary to tell her that if you spend money on things, you will end up with the things and not the money”.




Are you converting your wealth or potential wealth for things?


Do you want to be a millionaire or just spend a million?


If you don’t live within your means and start saving, you’ll always be short of money or broke.


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