Long queues as some UK shops open up today

Long queues as some UK shops open up today

Long queues as some UK shops open up today

Some Schools, outdoor markets and car showrooms have been able to open again in England from Monday as the government eases its restrictions on some retail sites classed as “non-essential”.

This cannot come sooner for members of the British Retail Consortium (BRC), which estimates that the Coronavirus lockdown is costing non-essential retailers £1.8bn a week in lost sales

In the meantime, what can customers expect and what is the timetable for the reopening of other types of outlets?

From today, open air markets and car showrooms have been allowed to reopen.

From 15 June, non-essential stores in England will be able to reopen. This includes shops selling clothes, toys, books, electronics, tailors, auction houses, photography studios and indoor markets.

Other retail outlets are expected to resume business from next month. Pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, hotels, cinemas and places of worship will be allowed to open from 4 July at the earliest, if they can meet social distancing measures.

In an open letter to parishes yesterday, The Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, called on the British government to reopen churches ahead of the scheduled reopening on 4 July.

Indoor public spaces such as beauty salons, where social distancing may be difficult, could reopen ”significantly later”, depending on when the rate of infection falls.

Other hospitality firms and some other small businesses may have to wait longer to get back to work.

Space X is now worth more than Tesla

Social distancing rules did not stop Elon Musk’s first ever commercial spaceflight taken off yesterday.

Space X is now worth more than Tesla after rocket launch, but has the share price gone up like a rocket that will come crashing down to earth?

Ten million people are now either unemployed or on the job furlough scheme with no certainty of if and when they will get their jobs back.

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