Language and attitude of the Rich vs the Poor revealed

Language and attitude of the Rich vs the Poor revealed

Language and attitude of the Rich vs the Poor


Language and attitude of the Rich vs Poor
Poor Rich
I can’t afford it How can I afford it?
I can’t do that How can I do that?
I haven’t got time How can I find the time?
The statements close your mind, a question opens your mind!


We live in the richest time in all history.

Poor – statements

  • I can’t afford it
  • I can’t do that
  • I haven’t got time

Rich – questions

  • How can I afford it?
  • How can I do that?
  • How can I find the time?

The statements close your mind, the questions open your mind!

The poor think differently from the rich.

This sounds like a corny old cliché but in my personal experience, of seeing life from both sides, it’s true.

Most unsuccessful people believe that their circumstances are down to external factors.

Most successful people believe their circumstances are down to their own efforts and hard work.

The poor and successful do not take responsibility for where they are today. They blame their family, the government, partner or spouse, the economy or bad luck for where they are right now. They see no correlation between their own actions and where they have ended up in life. They see no link between action and results.

I remember years ago trying to mentor a single mother. She had an unsuccessful marriage and was left bringing up two children on benefits in a council flat.

However, although she had very little money, she always found money to go out on the weekend drinking, or to buy cigarettes and even drugs.

Trying to suggest anything that might improve her life was very hard work. It was like pushing uphill against a headwind. Everything I would suggest would be met with comments like, “I can’t do that “or “that wouldn’t work for me “.


I once presented her with an opportunity to apply for a job. To my astonishment, she said she would make the call tomorrow. I said, why not today, but she said she just insisted that she couldn’t do it right away.

Dealing with success minded people was a completely different matter. When I met my future business partner, she had no money and a lot of debt.

However, what she did possess was a tremendous amount of ambition, drive, determination and willingness to try new things to succeed. She would try new things and respond positively to new ideas.

She was also an action taker, a starter as well as a finisher. She was willing to learn new skills and follow things through.

She had started businesses in the past, but had been ripped off by her partners. But She didn’t let her past or current circumstances dictate to her future. This is why over the following 5 years she became super successful and a millionaire.

I was listening to two speeches on YouTube which ran one after the other. The first was the speech given to graduates by the actor Jim Carrey and the second was a talk by the great Arnold Schwarzenegger, both of whom had come from modest backgrounds with good parents.

Although the speeches were very different in style and delivery, both contained common traits of success which had helped them reach the top.

Jim and Arnold both recommended the following to their audience:

  • Have a goal in life. Otherwise you will drift around like a ship without a destination.
  • Do something you love rather than just taking a job. Arnold said that over 70% of people hate their jobs. On the other hand, if you do something you love then it’s not like work at all.
  • Don’t listen to naysayers or negative people who tell you can’t do things. Arnold said that when people say “impossible”, he hears “possible” when people say it “can’t” be done he hears it “can” be done.
  • Work hard and take action. It’s not enough to have a goal or ask the universe for things without putting in the work and taking action.
  • Try to make a difference in your life whilst on this earth and give back.

We live in the richest time in all history.

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By Charles Kelly, Property Investor, Author of Yes, Money Can Buy You Happiness and creator of Money Tips Podcast.

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True entrepreneurs create wealth and jobs and don’t need you to be poor for them to be rich.

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