Landlord – Serviced Accommodation V Buy-to-Let Property Rental And HMO’s Exploring Alternative Buy-to-Let Strategies

Landlord – Serviced Accommodation V Buy-to-Let Property Rental And HMO’s Exploring Alternative Buy-to-Let Strategies


Exploring Alternative Buy-to-Let Strategies in the UK: Serviced Accommodation, Holiday Letting, and HMOs



Investing in property has long been a popular avenue for generating income in the UK, but with mortgage rates hitting a 16 year high, the standard buy-to-let model does not stack up alongside borrowing. While standard buy-to-let properties have traditionally dominated the market, alternative strategies such as serviced accommodation, holiday letting, and houses in multiple occupation (HMO) are gaining traction as landlords look to increase returns to offset high borrowing costs and more red tape.

Many experts are predicting a property market crash – see Housing Market in Deep Trouble

In this article, we will delve into the pros and cons of each strategy, as well as explore the associated risks and tax benefits for landlords under UK tax law.

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  1. Serviced Accommodation

Serviced accommodation refers to the rental of fully furnished properties on a short-term basis, often targeted at business travellers, tourists, or corporate clients.



– Higher rental yields: Compared to traditional buy-to-let, serviced accommodation can provide significantly higher rental yields due to premium rates charged for short-term stays.

– Flexibility: Landlords have the option to use the property for personal use when it’s not occupied, offering flexibility in terms of availability and usage.

– Strong demand: Popular tourist destinations and major business centres tend to attract consistent demand for serviced accommodation.



– Increased management requirements: Regular cleaning, maintenance, and managing guest turnover can be more time-consuming and require active involvement from landlords.

– Seasonal demand fluctuations: Depending on location, occupancy rates may fluctuate seasonally, resulting in periods of high demand and low demand.

– Regulatory considerations: Compliance with local regulations, licensing requirements, and health and safety standards can be more stringent for serviced accommodation.


  1. Holiday Letting

Holiday letting is similar to the above model and involves renting out a property for short-term vacations, typically in popular tourist destinations.



– Attractive rental income: During peak vacation seasons, holiday lets can generate substantial rental income due to premium rates charged for short stays.

– Personal use: Landlords can enjoy using the property for personal vacations during off-peak periods.

– Tax advantages: Holiday letting can offer certain tax benefits, including the ability to claim capital allowances and potentially qualifying for certain reliefs.



– Seasonality: Demand for holiday lets can be highly seasonal, leading to potential periods of low occupancy during off-peak seasons.

– Management challenges: Similar to serviced accommodation, managing bookings, cleaning, and maintenance can be more labour-intensive.

– Increased competition: Popular tourist destinations often have high competition among holiday let properties, requiring landlords to differentiate their offerings to attract guests.


  1. Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

HMOs are properties rented out to multiple unrelated tenants who share communal areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms.



– Higher rental income potential: Renting out individual rooms within an HMO can generate higher rental yields compared to traditional buy-to-let properties.

– Diverse tenant pool: HMOs can attract a range of tenants, including young professionals, students, and single individuals.

– Demand stability: In areas with a high demand for affordable housing or near educational institutions, HMOs can provide consistent demand for rental properties.



– Licensing and regulations: HMOs are subject to specific licensing requirements and regulations, which can vary between local authorities.

– Management challenges: Managing multiple tenants, ensuring communal areas are maintained, and resolving disputes can be demanding for landlords.

– Potentially higher costs: HMOs may require additional safety measures and compliance expenses, such as fire safety systems and regular inspections.


Tax Considerations

Landlords should be aware of the tax implications of each strategy. Depending on individual circumstances, there may be specific tax benefits, including allowable expenses and tax deductions. Seeking advice from a tax professional is essential to navigate the complex UK tax landscape.



Alternative buy-to-let strategies offer landlords in the UK diverse opportunities to maximize their rental income. Serviced accommodation, holiday letting, and HMOs each come with their own set of advantages and challenges. Understanding the risks, tax implications, and individual goals can help landlords make informed decisions when exploring these alternative strategies.

With the right management, there is no doubt that serviced accommodation can increase net returns for landlords, as well as removing them from current housing legislation and the forthcoming tougher legislation proposed under the Renters Reform Bill.

For more information on renters reform, see my YouTube video: ‘Trouble Ahead for Landlords’

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