Is High Street Retail Really Dead?

Is High Street Retail Really Dead?

Is High Street Retail Really Dead?

With everyone talking about the end of physical shopping, Amazon is opening shops!

Morrisons supermarket UK chain is going through £7 billion takeover.

Costo is booming, Aldi and Lidl are expanding in the UK and workers are going back to offices.

Which is Britain’s cheapest supermarket?

Many stores have suffered in the last year with famous names like Debenhams and Gap disappearing from our towns, but basics like food and other necessities seems to be thriving.

Asia’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani (worth $99 billion) is bringing 7-Eleven stores to India, one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Online retailing and home delivery are still increasing, but there is still room for physical stores.

I would not recommend a start-up business owner to immediately open a shop.

Did you know that 96% of new businesses fail?

The world’s economies are still choppy waters. Stock markets and property prices around the world remain at an all-time high fuelled by governments printing trillions to prop up weakened economies.

Yesterday I reported that a second Chinese property giant had defaulted on interest payments following the Evergrande scandal.

Investors are still piling into high priced stocks and properties like the party’s never going to end! Remind you of anything?

If you not worried because you don’t invest in stocks and shares or property, look at your pension fund.

There has never been a better time to stay informed and educate yourself on financial matters.

The KEY to building and KEEPING wealth is financial education.

Millionaires and millionaire habits have been studied and documented at academic levels for the last hundred years. Bestselling books, like The Science of Getting Rich and Thinks and Grow Rich, were written almost a century ago. I have also published my own book on how people get wealthy and how some lose it all – Yes Money Can Buy You Happiness.

We know exactly what the millionaire and billionaire habits and traits are, as success leaves tracks. All you need to do is follow their tracks to become wealthy and financially free!

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