Interview With Stocks, Commodities And Futures Trader KD Angle

Interview With Stocks, Commodities And Futures Trader KD Angle

Interview With Stocks, Commodities And Futures Trader Of 40 Years KD Angle

Happy New Year! How are your resolutions and plans going?

Do you want to lose weight, get fit, lead a healthier life or do something to improve your finances? Maybe you’re on a ‘Dry January’ programme?

My gym was full this month of new members hoping to get fit and lose weight, but experience shows that many of them will sadly drop out within a few months.

Try to keep on target with your goals by making them realistic, achievable and measurable.

Make 2022 your best year ever! See: How will you prosper in 2022?

Jobs, inflation and housing.

In the UK this week, the Halifax has reported that house prices have risen at the fastest rate in 17 years. The average house now costs just over £276,000.

There are signs that the market is slowing down, with lower lending figures in November and a gloomy economic outlook for 2022.

Wages are on the rise, as inflation hits levels not seen for years and energy prices soar. The official rate of 5.2% does not reflect rising costs for most people including food, fuel, gas and other essentials. Virgin Media just sent me a letter announcing a 10% hike of their broadband charges at a time when the service provided is going down.

There are still plenty of job vacancies in the UK, especially in the NHS and care sectors where staff shortages have been compounded by thousands of workers isolating.

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In this week’s podcast episode, I interview a very special guest –

KD Angle is a successful market trader with experience in both futures and stocks who started  trading in 1979 during the last inflationary period.

Some of his accomplishments include:

  • Starting his own market letter which gave specific trading advice in the early 80’s and was featured in Forbes Magazine.
  • In the 1990s, KD began managing money using his own ‘rules-based’ strategies and later went on to earn more than 60 performance awards from a respected performance reporting company known as BarclayHedge. He retired that career after managing assets of up to 200 million dollars but continues to trade his own capital.
  • Angle has been featured as an expert in his field in two books, the ‘Four Cardinal Principles of Trading’ by Bruce Babcock and ‘The Mental Edge in Trading’ written by Jason Williams MD.
  • Angle’s father turned $2 million into $100 million in the great gold bull market of 1979.

KD recently authored what he considers to be his legacy book entitled ‘Guillotine Investing – Keeping Your Head While Others are Losing Theirs’ where he shares many of his valuable insights that have helped contribute to his own success with the markets.

His book is only available at the book’s website which is called:


We have witnessed major climate disasters, such as the recent typhoon which has destroyed 90% of homes in the southern islands of the Philippines. While we in the west worry and fret over a shortage of some of our favourite food supplies, millions of people around the world are starving.

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Financial education in investing is the key to building and keeping wealth. Never stop learning!

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