Predictions For 2022 – Interest Rates, Stock Markets, Crypto, Inflation

Predictions For 2022 – Interest Rates, Stock Markets, Crypto, Inflation

Predictions For 2022 – Interest Rates, Stock Markets, Crypto And Inflation

Interest rates in the UK have already risen last year to 0.25% to curb soaring inflation, but the Bank of England may have to raise rates further this year as the cost of living continues to go up for millions of consumers.

Are you prepared for interest rate hikes?

Do you have a fixed rate mortgage?

In the UK, HSBC are offering deals as low as 1.29% fixed for 2 years and Halifax will fix your mortgage at 1.43% for 5 years.

We may not see deals like this for a long time if base rates rise this year.

When will stock markets fall?

Many pundits are predicting a crash between now and April, but it is extremely difficult to time the market, especially when governments are doing all they can to prop them up or keep them on ‘life support’!

I would not be putting all my money or pension fund cash into the markets right now, but I could be wrong, and stocks could continue to go ever higher.

However, what I might gain on an upward swing will be a lot less than I’d lose on a downturn or full-blown crash. You must make up your own mind or seek financial advice.

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Will property prices go down?

People will always need somewhere to live and wealth, life expectancy and population has increased significantly over the last 50 years. China has taken a billion people out of poverty and become the second largest economy in the world.

However, affordability and interest rates could slow the market down this year.

Property prices generally go up and sometimes fall for a few years, but in the long term they move in an upward trajectory.

If you have a low fixed rate and income, personal or rental, then you should be safe in the long term.

Crypto currencies

Crypto currencies have taken a hit in the last few weeks, but Bitcoin and Ethereum recovered this week despite Pakistan becoming the latest country to ban all Crypto.

Bank of America has predicted that Solana will be the next big thing in the Crypto space due to it’s versatility and gaming usage, and points out that there are more than 400 successful decentralized projects on Solana’s blockchain.

The bank’s analyst Alkesh Shah said Solana could become the “Visa of the digital asset ecosystem.”

Solana boasts some of the fastest and lowest cost transaction speeds. Blockchain innovations boasts a processing of an industry-leading 65,000 transactions per second with average transaction fees of $0.00025 and is still decentralized and secure.”

Migration growing as millions seek a better life in the west

Despite Brexit, net migration will account for all the population growth of the UK in the future as the number of the people living in the country swells to 70 million by 2030 official figures reveal.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) projections indicate that the population will rise by 2.1 million by the end of the decade from the 2020 count.

Increased immigration will raise the UK population to 69.1 million by mid-2030, resulting from of a net inflow of 2.2 million migrants, 6.6 million births and 6.7 million deaths.


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