In this job you will never run out of work!

In this job you will never run out of work!


In these uncertain and rapidly changing times, it is important to choose an occupation which gives you some guarantee of a long-term future.

In the UK, the Home Office publishes an official list of ‘shortage occupations’, for which a qualified and experienced overseas migrant may qualify for a Skilled Worker visa.

The list includes jobs such as, Health Service and Residential Day Care or Domiciliary Managers, various scientists and engineers, web development professionals, nurses and senior care workers.

The official government list for working visa qualification, only covers a fraction of the huge labour shortages in the UK.

According to the report by Luminate, the following industries experienced a particularly large number of hard-to-fill vacancies at professional level:

  • architectural and engineering activities
  • computer programming and consultancy
  • education
  • employment and HR
  • financial services
  • human health activities
  • legal and accounting services
  • office administrative, support and business activities
  • public administration and defence
  • residential care activities
  • retail trade
  • social work.

However, both of these lists contain glaring omissions- green jobs. In order to meet climate change targets, industry will need hundreds of thousands of skilled workers to fill new ‘green’ jobs.

For instance, is estimated that 23 million gas boilers will need to be replaced in the UK, but there are not enough trained engineers to do the work. There is a shortage of 100,000 boiler engineers right now!

Boiler engineers will have jobs for life replacing old boilers with electric and hydrogen boilers and servicing the new boilers.

Millions of petrol and diesel cars will have to be replaced as governments around the world tax them out of existence. This will create a huge number of new skilled jobs.

China is investing massively in new technology and green energy, as is the UK. The US could be left behind in what’s being called China’s century.

The 20th Century was America’s, after Great Britain’s empire started to unwind following the German led First and Second World Wars.

China is effectively colonising the world’s resources through trade rather than war.

If you exclude the disastrous Chairman Mao century, China was one of the leading economies in the world in 18 of the last 20 centuries?

The UK government recently announced a massive retraining programme to reskill millions of workers whose jobs have become redundant due to new technology.

The important word is “skilled”. Tens of millions of unskilled, as well as many skilled and technical jobs in accounting and law, will disappear in the next decade, so prepare yourself.

Self-driving vehicles, AI and robotic technology are already here!

Education is key to your future. Not just formal education, but also relevant vocational and on-the-job training in which you can ‘earn while you learn.

An increasing number of people prefer to quit the rat race and start their own businesses, which is great.

Caution. Don’t fire your boss until you can replace your salary with your new business and do not spend all your savings or borrow to set up an expensive physical business like a shop.

An ideal way to start is to set up a part-time online business, which you can run from home with little or no capital.

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