How to obtain Angel investor funding – Interview with Joseph Zipfel, CIO of the start-up funding club

How to obtain Angel investor funding – Interview with Joseph Zipfel, CIO of the start-up funding club

Have you ever had one of those great ideas which you thought could be turned into an amazing business or even change the world? But somehow you never quite seem to get it off the ground or lacked the capital or know how to implement it. Then a few years later you see that someone else has “stolen” your business idea!


Many years ago, I used to conduct sales appointments around central London with people who often didn’t have their own office. It was always difficult to find places to meet that we are not crowded, like a pub, or very expensive like a hotel lobby. At the time I thought, wouldn’t it be a good idea to run an office where you could rent out offices by the hour to people who needed meeting places. Unfortunately, I never got it off the ground or even tried. I didn’t have the knowledge of the business and eventually talked myself out of it.


We all know what happened next. A few years later, a company called Regus started the very same business and now have offices all over the world!


Had I known then what I know now things might have been very different.


That’s why I am broadcasting an exclusive interview with an organisation called the Start-Up Funding Club which helps start-ups obtain funding to take their business to the next level and also provides a platform to introduce ‘angel’ investors who want to invest in exciting new ventures. They actually hold ‘Dragons Den’ like sessions where businesses pitch to investors.


During the interview with the chief investment officer, Joseph Zipfel, we go through the process of taking a business from the early stages through to launching it on the market for selling shares to a larger concern. Joseph also explains more about the EIS, the approved tax efficient investment vehicle used by thousands of investors.


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