How to find your ‘goldmine’ property area

How to find your ‘goldmine’ property area

How to find your ‘goldmine’ property area

Investors look for deals hundreds of miles away when there are plenty of opportunities on their doorstep.

Know your area – every area has its sweet spot!

Decide on your strategy:

  • Are you going down the buy to let route?
  • Do you want to be a landlord?
  • Are you good at managing property and could you build a rent to rent business?
  • Do you want to develop properties or by, refurbish and refinance?
  • Do you want to get into commercial conversions?
  • Are you cash rich and time poor what time rich and cash poor?

You’ve heard the expression, “location, location, location” I say:

“View, view, view”!

Get out there, talk to agents, get online and start viewing.

One of the most successful property people I know is disabled and in a wheelchair. Even before the internet, he did his research “viewings” from home before venturing out. He could not afford to waste any time.

Training and CPD

Know what you’re doing and never stop learning.

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By Charles Kelly, Property Investor, Author of Yes, Money Can Buy You Happiness and creator of Money Tips Podcast.

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