House prices see “largest monthly fall for 11 years” Nationwide reports

House prices see “largest monthly fall for 11 years” Nationwide reports

House prices see “largest monthly fall for 11 years” Nationwide reports

UK House prices fell by 1.7% in May from the April 2020, the biggest “monthly fall for 11 years”, leading mortgage lender Nationwide reports.

The annual growth in house prices also halved from 3.7% to 1.8%, as the coronavirus crisis hammered market activity.

HMRC data revealed that residential property transactions fell 53% in April compared with 2019.

“The medium-term outlook for the housing market remains highly uncertain,” the Nationwide warned.

Economist predicts the fall “is just the start of a protracted decline over the remainder of this year,”

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  1. House prices see “largest monthly fall for 11 years” in May Nationwide reports
  2. 7 million people are on Job Retention scheme, 2 million more claiming benefits
  3. One quarter of the workforce are now on furlough costing taxpayer multi-billions
  4. UK property sales hit record low in April, “asking” house prices have come down
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