High Street Meltdown Continues As More Stores Close

High Street Meltdown Continues As More Stores Close

High Street Meltdown More Stores Close.

By Charles Kelly, Property Solutions Investor, Author of Yes, Money Can Buy You Happiness and creator of Money Tips Podcast.

In this episode:

The once mighty Mothercare chain has become the latest casualty in the British High Street meltdown which has seen thousands of shops close this year.

Use them or lose them

The choice is simple. You can either shop in High Street stores or continue to buy from Amazon and see those stores close. Remember that Amazon pays very little tax in the UK compare to the retail sector. Even if we save a few pounds buying online, we will all be losing out in the long run.

McDonald’s British-born $12 million-a-year Chief Executive is pushed out after falling foul of the company’s “non-fraternisation” policy.

Ryanair demonstrate how small additional charges and extras can add up to over £7 million in profits. Think about that for your business.

McDonald’s has 38,000 restaurants worldwide, but 93% of them are franchises. In other words, they have used other people’s money to expand their business and control rather than own the multi-billion dollar chain of restaurants.

Millions of people, or over 80% of the population, will either retire in poverty or not be able to afford to retire at all. What’s your strategy?

You can learn how to acquire income producing assets using other people’s money and other no money down strategies in order to become financially free.

Smart investors are using these creative finance, ‘no money down’ tools to build massive property portfolios in a few short years, as their hands are not tied by mortgage lenders and the need to save large deposits and pay higher taxes.

If you’d like more information on how to acquire wealth building assets using none of your money, email me at Charles@CharlesKelly.net or send me a message through Facebook or my Money Tips Daily community.

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