Good News For Buy-to-Let Landlords As Mortgage Interest Rates Finally Start To Fall

Good News For Buy-to-Let Landlords As Mortgage Interest Rates Finally Start To Fall

Opportunities And Better News For Buy-to-Let Landlords As Mortgage Interest Rates Finally Start To Fall

In this week’s Money Tips Podcast edition:

  • Fixed mortgage rates ease following Bank of England’s rate hold.
  • Opportunities for landlords to increase rental returns and/or reduce management time and costs through leasing, holiday lets and rent-to-rent.
  • EPC

The Bank of England held rate this month, as inflation starts to ease, and the economy slows. Lenders have responded with lower fixed rates.

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Banks are in the business of lending, which means they must make mortgage deals more attractive for borrowers.

However, headline fixed rates are not always the best deal when fees and charges are taken into account.

For instance, SBI are offering a market leading fixed rate mortgage at 3.9%! Sounds great until you realise that the arrangement fee is a whopping 5%! This would amount to £10,000 on a £200,000 loan.

You could be better off paying a higher rate with a lower fee, which is why it pays to use an experience independent adviser. A good independent mortgage broker can guide you through the minefield of mortgage deals.

Higher interest rates have forced landlords to look for better returns and yields on their properties.

The rent-to-rent and holiday let market has grown in the last few years and there are many established and reputable companies offering a variety of solutions for landlords seeking higher returns or less management.

Some offer guaranteed rents for periods ranging from 2 – 5 years, while others will share profits with the landlord on holiday lets, which could be higher but has no guarantee.

The property must be in a “habitable” condition, but in the case of holiday lets must also be fully furnished to a high standard at the landlord’s expense – this can involve spending up to £10,000 to get the property in showroom condition.

There is a huge demand for properties for contractors, homeless families and asylum seekers.

Do your own due diligence and stick to establish, reputable companies with a good track record.

If you have a mortgage, check that your lender will allow a company let or lease and obtain their permission to avoid being in breach of your mortgage terms. This could result in your mortgage being cancelled or “called in” = i.e., we want our money back in 30 days!

Your buildings insurer will also need to be informed, otherwise you risk having any claims, for instance a fire, refused.

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