Exclusive free training Pt1. for my Money Tips Podcast followers – Mastering Money The S.M.A.R.T Way Without Working Any Harder!  

Exclusive free training Pt1. for my Money Tips Podcast followers – Mastering Money The S.M.A.R.T Way Without Working Any Harder!  

Welcome To The Course, Mastering Money The S.M.A.R.T Way Without Working Any Harder!


Lesson #1


Introduction And Course Overview


Do you struggle with money?


Do you worry about money?


Do you have arguments with your partner over money issues?


Do you have loans or credit card debt and struggle to keep up the payments?


If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, this is definitely the course for you.


How To Master Your Money The S.M.A.R.T Way


Congratulations on taking the first step to taking back control of your finances and life!


My name is Charles Kelly, and I am the author of three books and the creator of the Money Tips podcast which has over 200 episodes. As a qualified financial adviser, I spent 25 years working for banks, insurance companies and running my own business, as well as investing in property and the stock market.


This course is about personal finance and money, not global economics. It’s about managing your internal economy, or what I call your ‘U’conomy’, rather than worrying about what’s going on in the external world of global markets, national debt, recessions and the daily crisis you see on the news.


Focus on your economy and what you can control.


In every town, there are people who are doing well and there are those who are struggling – even when they are in the same business.


During recessions and depressions, boom or bust, people build fortunes, while others fail.


It’s not about the economy, the government or where you live.


It’s about you!


It’s about what you do and what’s going on in your head that really counts.


We live in the most prosperous time in 7,000 years of recorded history. There has never been a better time to learn, start a business, build a career and live the life you truly deserve.


The things you learn and habits you form in this course will change your life and last a lifetime – if you follow the action steps.


By the end of this course, you will have learned how to Master Your Money and become S.M.A.R.T Money Manager. Using this simple management system will help you to:


  • Spend wisely and avoid debt
  • Manage and respect your money
  • Accumulate wealth over time
  • Review your finances on a regular basis
  • Track your income and expenditure


SMART Money System


Have you ever said “I don’t know where it all goes”?


Millions of people who live their lives in poverty and debt. People go to work for forty, fifty, and even sixty-hours a week and bring home a pay cheque. After all that effort, by they have paid their bills, debt repayments and the family is fed, there is nothing left.


This pattern of behaviour can go on for years or a lifetime unless the habit is broken. Inbuilt behavioural patterns can only be interrupted by an awakening, attending a course or reading a book, or by a traumatic lifechanging event, such as bankruptcy, bailiffs towing away your car or repossessing your home.


Sometimes, we need to reach rock bottom in order to break a harmful addictive habit. Spending money you don’t have on toys using expensive debt can be just as damaging as a gambling addiction. When the reality of bad debt finally catches up, it can destroy your life and the lives of those around you.


“Fast credit” should be called “fast debt”.


Debt repayments, such as credit cards and personal loans can quickly drain your bank balance, and forever place you in the servitude of banks. Millions of people never break free and spend their lives in debt and go to their graves owing money, which the banks still pursue even after death.


Credit card companies and banks, feed you the candy of easy credit like a drug dealer.


They send you letters offering credit limits you cannot afford, and increase them when you reach those limits!


You can juggle your debts with interest free (but not fee free) offers or consolidate your bills into “one easy payment” instead of a lot of small ones, but all this does is delay the inevitable. You need a lifestyle change starting with your spending.


 “A penny saved is a penny earned”.

Benjamin Franklin


It’s not how much you’ve got, but how you use it.


Don’t make the mistake of believing that it’s all about how much you earn. In my years working as a financial adviser, I met hundreds of clients earning huge salaries who were still broke and overdrawn every month.


When I worked for a leading bank, one of our customers was a trader in the City of London. He was earning at least ten times the average income, plus he received an extremely generous quarterly bonus of around £40,000. Unbelievably, his account was so overdrawn by the end of each quarter that all of his bonus was needed to clear it. That was in addition to the various ‘gold’ credit card debts and personal loans for luxury goods.


Banks love customers who spend and borrow, as long as they keep up the repayments. They are not too keen on customers who pay off their credit card balance in full each month or repay their mortgages early by accelerating the payments.


I also had many clients earning modest salaries who lived a good life, yet also saved a regular percentage of their income into pensions and savings. Some bought investment properties with their spare cash or built-up substantial stock and share portfolios. Managing and investing their money was their hobby.


One particular lovely couple comes to mind.


I was amazed to discover that they had saved over a quarter of a million pounds in cash and stocks and shares. They paid off their mortgage early and helped their Son buy his first house.


They were the typical ‘millionaires next door’ with combined assets, when you include the value of their final salary pension schemes, of more than a million pounds, But you would never guess it because they did not act like the stereotypical “millionaire”.


Best of all, they were happy and looked a lot less stressed than my city trader client who always seemed to be under pressure. Unlike the trader, they were in control of their finances.


Control of finances is part of control of life.


Being in control and giving back are also key factors in feeling happy.


These are exactly the type of people I meet at Rotary Clubs, church groups or those helping out with community and charity work in their spare time. Giving back is not just virtuous, it also contributes to your own emotional wellbeing. I’m sure that it is no coincidence that everyone I know who has money, gives back their time and money. Which came first?


I explore giving back and the studies into ‘millionaires next door’, in more depth my book, Yes Money Can Buy You Happiness.




Keep a spreadsheet, or use one of the many app’s, to record how much comes in from salary or investments and exactly where the money goes. You’ll be amazed at the results.

If you found this Money Tip useful, check out my blog at www.moneytipsdaily.com



Action Steps


Starting today, make it your business to become a SMART MONEY MANAGER and you will start to see your fortunes turn around and you will find peace of mind. In fact, 99% of your money worries will evaporate, because the root of everyone’s financial worries can be traced to the following 5 SMART rules.




  1. S. Spend wisely and avoid expensive consumer debt
  2. M. Manage and respect their money, making informed investment decisions.
  3. A. Accumulate wealth over time taking the long-term perspective
  4. R. Review their finances on a regular basis and make appropriate changes
  5. T. Track their income and expenditure on a daily or weekly basis

Thank you for listening. In the next lesson, we will go into spending wisely and how to avoid expensive consumer debt.

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