Energy Crisis – 100,000 join ‘don’t pay’ group – what should you do to avoid credit rating suicide?

Energy Crisis – 100,000 join ‘don’t pay’ group – what should you do to avoid credit rating suicide?

Energy Crisis – 100,000 join ‘don’t pay’ group – what should you do to avoid credit rating suicide?

As energy bills predicated to reach £4,000 per household and campaigners like Martin Lewis call for government action to stave off a national crisis, 100,000 people are threatening to cancel their bank direct debit payments to companies like EDF and British Gas.

A campaign group,, has almost 100,000 signatures of people who say they will refuse to pay their energy bills or cancel their direct debit mandate from October.

Don’t damage your credit rating

Things to remember before you cancel payment plans:

  • You have a contract
  • Energy companies can issue late payment notices to credit referencing agencies and forcibly enter your property to instal a pre-payment meter.
  • Risk of CCJ – County Court Judgement
  • Poor credit history can last for 6 years.
  • If you fall behind it will be difficult to catch up and pay the debt.

Don’t Pay’s ‘plan’:

It’s simple: we are demanding a reduction of energy bills to an affordable level. Our leverage is that we will gather a million people to pledge not to pay if the government goes ahead with another massive hike on October 1st.

Mass non-payment is not a new idea, it happened in the UK in the late 80s and 90s, when more than 17 million people refused to pay the Poll Tax – helping bring down the government and reversing its harshest measures.”

Why this so-called plan is reckless and misleading.

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