Elon Musk Bids To Buy Twitter for $40 billion

Elon Musk Bids To Buy Twitter for $40 billion

Elon Musk Bids To Buy Twitter for $40 billion

The controversial Tesla boss has offered $54 a share valuing Twitter at $40 billion.

Musk, who refused a seat on the board after becoming Twitter’s largest shareholder earlier this month, said he is the right person to “unlock” the social media platform’s “extraordinary potential”.

As the share price jumped 5%, he warned that he would have to “reconsider” his stake in the company if his bid was refused.

The billionaire has taken Tesla from start-up to the world’s most valuable car maker.

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Trouble ahead as consumer prices reach highest level since 1992

“Over 36 countries depend on Russia or Ukraine for half their wheat imports”

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General

In a broadcast this week, the UN Secretary General warned of rising poverty and added:

  • Wheat up 30%
  • Oil up 60%
  • Natural Gas up 50%
  • Fertiliser up 100%

These essential commodities affect all our daily lives and have risen in price far above the published inflation rate.

Official CPI inflation in the UK is now at 7% pa and, with commodity prices soaring, could reach double digits before the year end.

Prices are going up at the fastest rate for 30 years when the UK was in recession and the property market was stagnant.

Pay rises are falling behind against the cost of living, which means people have less money to spend on luxuries after paying for essentials.

Businesses are facing the dark prospect of higher costs and lower income.

Savers are seeing the value of their capital eroded by inflation – every £100 will buy £93 next year if the rate stays the same.

Economy is in winter season right now but…winters don’t last forever!

  • Buckle down, tighten your belts and get through this, you will survive!
  • Consider spreading the cost on direct debit to cushion the blow.
  • Build your credit lines and watch your credit rating like a hawk.
  • Earn more cash by doing part-time jobs or a side-line business.
  • Bulk buy non-perishable consumer goods and food as a hedge against inflation.

Watch my ‘5 Inflation-Busting Tips’  for money saving ideas to help you through this. –https://youtu.be/2jZCO4V7uX0

Make the most of your money and resources and learn how to get control and manage your finances.

Consider investing in real assets which tend to hold their value and act as a hedge during times of high inflation.

Assets like property, stock and shares and gold have long been held as a long-term inflation hedge.

Remember, you are not alone. Get help, take advice, and use debt counselling services like Citizens Advice if you are having trouble.

Can you take proactive steps to increase your wealth?

Do people get rich during recessions and depressions?

The answer is yes!

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