Double capital gains tax, says government review, as London property prices fall

Double capital gains tax, says government review, as London property prices fall

Buy to let landlords and property investors could be hit with another tax blow to the solar plexus.


Someone has to pay for all of this money they are printing and throwing around, so why not even investors saving for their retirement? Who is going to have sympathy for them?


Estate agents report a sharp fall in activity and asking prices in the London property market.


Larger houses in the suburbs are in demand but the flats and London properties sales are sluggish and have dropped off sharply since the summer mini-boom.


UK economy recovered in the third quarter but slowed after the end of the heat out to help out campaign ended.


UK economy recovers in third-quarter but is expected to slow in the last quarter following the second lockdown.


Last week, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak announced a raft of new stimulus measures, which could cost the Treasury £6billion on top of billions already spent this year propping up the economy.


Mr Sunak also increased grants for self-employed workers to 40 per cent of the average profits, up to a maximum of £3,750 a month, which could cost about £3billion.


Government borrowing was revealed to be running at £1billion a day during the pandemic.


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