Do women marry for money? Absolutely!

Do women marry for money? Absolutely!

Women say things like, “I’m looking for a man with a sense of humour who can make me laugh and go for walks in the park…” That’s a bunch of baloney!


The majority of women really want someone who is a good provider who can give her and future children financial security.


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If you’ve ever watched a David Attenborough documentary, you’ll know that in the animal kingdom, the female of the species wants to mate with the leader of the pack, the strongest male to give them security and protect them make their offspring. It’s animal instinct. In the modern world, we forget how much our animal instincts still plays a part.


In Asian cultures women absolutely marry for money and security. Even in the UK, many Indian family marriages are still arranged according to financial status, class, occupation and career prospects. In short, it is about money!


Guess what. Arranged marriages are more likely to be successful than the western method of meeting someone in the club or at work.


Am I saying that all women want from a man is his money? No, but money definitely plays a part and it’s also instinctive.


Women are increasingly becoming more successful than men in the workplace and have their own money. However, why would a successful career woman want to marry and an uneducated man in a minimum wage job with zero career prospects?


I’ve noticed that women quite frequently marry above their status or class, but men seldom do unless they become exceedingly rich! Even aristocrats marry beneath themselves for money to preserve the family home!


There was a bright young girl who came from a successful middle-class family. Her parents built up a successful business and made enough money to send her to a top private ladies school.


She had big dreams and told her friends that she to marry a prince, a substantial jump from middle class to the very top of upper-class – royalty. Not just any prince, but the future king of England Prince William. Her name was Catherine and in the UK she would be known as a “commoner” – not of royal blood.


Despite her “humble” beginnings, Kate went to the same university as Prince William and the rest is history.


Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, apparently wanted to marry Prince Charles when she was a teenager.


In the book, Secrets of the millionaire next door, the authors studied the effect of marriage on wealth and women who set out to marry a doctor.


Their mothers groomed them from young and told them that “if you marry a doctor, you’ll never have to work another day in your life.”


In other words, marrying a doctor means marrying into millions of dollars of future income, a nice house in a safe neighbourhood, membership of the country club, financial security for her and her children.


One of the women in the study, told the authors that she even went to medical school for a couple of years specifically to meet a doctor and quit as soon as she hooked her prey.


I like the fact that Americans and Asians talk more openly about money and are far more practical when it comes to financial issues than we are in the UK.


This is important because one of the number one causes of divorce is money problems.


Sorry to break it to you guys, but in most things, women are smarter than men! They can outthink and outsmart us!


Women also plan ahead. They are usually 10 pages ahead of us men. Yes, they are romantic but also keep an eye on the practical side.


Women need security, just as they did when they married the strongest caveman to protect them from other men and invading tribes. Nowadays, the strongest man is the successful one bringing in the money!


Security could mean the ability to buy a house in a safer neighbourhood to protect the family.


So guys, man up if you want to attract the woman of your dreams.


And girls, don’t marry just for money, but equally think about money when you’re making that all important decision, as you might come to regret it for the rest of your life.


Remember this old saying:


When money stops coming through the door, love goes out the window.


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