Can You Get Rich Working As An Employee? The answer might surprise you…

Can You Get Rich Working As An Employee? The answer might surprise you…

Can You Get Rich As An Employee?

My answer might surprise you…

The highest paid FTSE 100 company executive is the CEO of pharmaceutical giant Astra Zeneca, Pascal Soriot, who earned £15.45 million in 2020 for his part in delivering the covid vaccine to tens of millions of people.

The median FTSE CEO was paid £2.69 million – 86 times the median full-time worker – in 2020, according to the High Pay Centre think tank.

The boss of the credit search agency Experian, Brian Cassin, earned £10.3 million, but CEOs of PLC companies are not the highest paid people in the UK.

Denise Coates, the boss of privately owned online gambling firm BET 365 earned £421 million.

4 Ways Employees Can Get Rich:

  • Performance related pay and bonuses
  • Salary
  • Pensions
  • Share or stock options

Millions of small business owners, freelance and self-employed workers earn less than the minimum wage when taking into account the number of hours they put in, and most would be better off driving a bus.

However, most self-made millionaires are business owners who have worked hard building their businesses up over many years.

Millionaires and millionaire habits have been studied and documented at academic levels for the last hundred years. Bestselling books, like The Science of Getting Rich and Thinks and Grow Rich, were written almost a century ago. I have also published my own book on how people get wealthy: Yes Money Can Buy You Happiness. You can find it on Amazon:

We know exactly what the millionaire habits and traits are, as success leaves tracks. All you have to do is follow their tracks to become wealthy and financially free!

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