Boris announces sweeping planning reform to boost building industry, as house prices fall year-to-year for first time since 2012

Boris announces sweeping planning reform to boost building industry, as house prices fall year-to-year for first time since 2012

Boris announces sweeping planning reform to boost building industry, as house prices fall year-to-year for first time since 2012

Annual house price growth fell slightly 0.1% to June 2020 for first time since 2012, the Nationwide reports. More recent surveys indicate a larger fall in April, a 1.4% drop since May and a recovery in some areas in June. The ONS halted reporting due to the low volumes of transactions.

Prime Minister announced “project speed” to reform planning laws to streamline the planning permission process and remove local authority restrictions to projects.

Some of changes that could be brought in as early as September, include:

  • Allowing more commercial buildings to be change to residential use without planning applications
  • Reducing the normal planning process for builders applying for permission to demolish and rebuild vacant residential and commercial buildings as homes
  • Allowing homeowners to build up into the space above their properties “via a fast track approval process”

He also said that some buildings deemed “essential to the lifeblood of communities,”, such as pubs, libraries, village shops, will be protected from the reforms.

At a time when many companies are considering reducing the need for large offices and retail shops are closing, the changes should bring more opportunities for developers to repurpose unused and derelict buildings for residential use.

Having served for many years as an elected councillor sitting on a planning committee, I witnessed first-hand central government taking away decision making powers from local councils. Planning laws have already gone through a series of reforms reducing local planning committee powers and allowing more permitted development, for instance to convert offices to residential use.

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