Bitcoin Price Surges To New Highs Following ETF Launch

Bitcoin Price Surges To New Highs Following ETF Launch

Bitcoin Price Surges After New ETF Launched

In today’s Money Tips Daily:

Bitcoin price soars to $67,000 in anticipation of more money going into Cryptocurrencies.

The FCA financial regulator being investigated itself over British Steel pension scandal!

Should you pull your pension fund out of

Sajid Javid warns of winter lockdowns in the UK, while Sunak wants to extend the multi-billion business support loan scheme.

Evergrande’s asset sales collapses leaving the indebted firm in more trouble.

Four main regulated investment areas within funds are:

  1. Stock Market
  2. Property
  3. Bonds
  4. Gold, Silver and Precious Metals

Taxes will increase to pay for lockdown and multi-billion green economic reset

Mortgage lending will become harder on ‘non-green’ or poorly insulated properties, as the government forces lenders to abide by its green agenda more akin to a socialist party.

Stock Markets could fall 10%, the Bank Of England has warned, and property prices could follow.

Financial markets and stocks and shares could see a “sharp downturn” with lower expectation of an early economic recovery from the lockdown the Bank of England predicted last week.

The QE money printing party, which have artificially fuelled property and stock markets to record highs, must eventually end.

How can you protect yourself and profit from a stock market or property crash when the bubble bursts?

Fortunes have always been lost and made during a stock and property market downturn.

Even if you do not directly invest in the stock market or property your pension fund manager may be doing so on your behalf. Check with your administrator or financial adviser.

The answer is to learn about investing and become more financially aware.

Financial education in investing is the key to building and keeping wealth. Never stop learning!

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