Bank of England cuts base rates to record low of 0.1% to fight Corona financial crisis

Bank of England cuts base rates to record low of 0.1% to fight Corona financial crisis

Bank of England cuts base rates to record low 0.1% to fight Corona financial crisis

MP’s describe the Coronavirus as the biggest crisis the UK has faced in 100 years.

By Charles Kelly, Property Investor, Author of Yes, Money Can Buy You Happiness and creator of Money Tips Podcast.

In this Money Tips Podcast episode:

  1. UK base rates cut to 0.1% in attempt to halt sliding pound and shore up markets
  2. Cheaper rate not being passed on to all mortgage borrowers
  3. More measures could be announced to help employers and employees
  4. Panic buying increases as London anticipates lockdown and Army move in
  5. Property funds suspend trading due to Coronavirus crisis and bankruptcies
  6. China getting back to normal but is Wuhan Coronavirus free?
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