Airbnb plan $31 billion IPO

Airbnb plan $31 billion IPO

Airbnb to IPO in 2020

By Charles Kelly

Author of Yes, Money Can Buy You Happiness and creator of Money Tips Podcast

The accommodation platform Airbnb says it plans to go public next year. It was valued at $31bn in its most recent funding round and made more than $1bn in revenues in the second quarter. Airbnb hosts, of which I was once one, have made more than $80bn from renting their properties as of this month, according to the company.


Airbnb, like Uber, Amazon and Apple, have disrupted industries and brought down prices for consumers. But they have also done something else which they have in common – they have all helped small entrepreneurs make money and compete with larger businesses as well.


Airbnb has made $80 billion for landlords, like myself, Uber indirectly employees millions of drivers and Amazon has enabled small businesses to open up online stores and reach millions of people at a fraction of the cost it would’ve been a few years ago.


I started with Airbnb around five years ago when it was quite new in the UK, after hearing about it from my Son.


From the start, it really was an amazing system. I made money from day one and rarely had an empty room. I only gave it up because it was becoming too much work and I couldn’t find anybody reliable to manage it for me.


Now there are companies which manage thousands of properties on behalf of landlords which are rented out through and other platforms like


I went to their convention when it was held in Paris. The guys who started the company are still young. They have built a worldwide property business without owning the properties, which is a lesson for all of you to think that you can’t get into property unless you have lots of money. They do of course own their own properties and they used to let rooms out to Airbnb guests just to keep their hand in and set an example.


The convention was amazing and so well organised. The staff were evangelical in their belief in the company and the whole event was almost like a religious experience. Unfortunately, the farewell Saturday night party was cancelled due to the Paris bombings. It was such a shame because Airbnb staff were contributing to helping to clean up parts of Paris in their little way.


I’m sure their IPO will be successful and will be very different from Saudi Arabia is Aramco listing, where wealthy families are being browbeaten in soon investing in the $2 trillion company.


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Word of the Day


Limited Company or Corporation


A limited company is an organisation and legal entity that you use to set up to run your business. This means that each shareholder’s responsibility for financial liability is limited by the value of the shares that they own but have not paid for. Company directors of such companies are not responsible for business debts.


In other words, if you are the sole shareholder and director of a limited company and the company goes bust owing £10 million or is sued for £10 million, you will not be liable for the debt, unless you have signed a personal guarantee or have acted fraudulently.  However, if you are trading as a sole trader, or a partnership, you would be liable for the debts and the creditors could go after you and sees your personal assets such as your house.


Limited companies can also use the letters LTD after their name and the UK is one of the easiest countries in the world in which to set up a company, which can be done within hours online at Companies House, and run a business. The tax treatment in the UK is favourable to business and we have good governance and rule of law.

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